See you later Argyle Gators!

Argyle Logo_WebsiteWell this will be the last post on this blog before summer vacation and I cannot figure out where this school year went. It truly seems like days ago we ago gathered in the gymnasium and met for the first time and here we are done the year. I continue to be inspired by our community and the amazing people that make it up…students, parents, supports, teachers, and staff. This is a special place to be and it is obvious that we continue to be #GatorsOnTheGo !

In just over the last three weeks we have had many awesome events:
– we finished the Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel program
– we had our inter-school track meet at Sheldon Williams
– Gators Green Sox softball finished up
– we had classes participate in the Farewell to Mosaic Stadium and visit Government House
– we had an Arts Night where student work and talents were on display
– former Rider, Scott McHenry visited us as part of the Red Cross – Imagine No Bullying Campaign
– our SCC supported the Cougars in School soccer program that enabled our students to be coached by and participate with the U of R women’s soccer team in a day of activity
– over 70 students participated in an inra-school track meet with five other schools at Douglas Park
– on the last day of classes for students the many talents of Argyle were highlighted in a Talent Show that was inspiring.
– finally, our grade 8’s celebrated Farewell and we wish them well in the journey ahead.

It has been an amazing here year at Argyle and that is a byproduct of the work of our entire community. Thank you for caring about this place, but more importantly, for our students who receive the reward of working with all of you. The African proverb that it requires a village to raise a child rings true in my ears and heart. Go Gators – Always!
takes a village

Students return to school on Thursday, September 1st at 8:53am (our regular start time). We look forward to seeing all of our returning students at that time for our welcome back assembly where students will receive our message for the year and be assigned to their classrooms. I will not be maintaining regular office hours over the summer but will be in and out of the building and checking email regularly. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns at

Thank you all for the wonderful year!

Have a safe, relaxing, and restful summer.

Humbly yours,
Mick Panko, Principal

Heading towards the Home Stretch

Argyle Logo_WebsiteSorry for the delay in updating the blog…much has happened in the last few weeks here at Argyle and our time remaining promises to be just as full.
lunch outside

  • Students and teachers have been busy completing assessments that will help us to look at  our LIP goals and to measure the growth we have seen. It is definitely a time for us to celebrate where we are at in comparison to where we’ve been. From my vantage point it is very exciting to see the substantial growth that has occurred for many of our students. This is a testament to the hard work of students, families, and our staff. Way to go Gators!
  • Speaking of successes worth celebrating, the Argyle Environmental Club has been in the news of late as they were once again victorious in the 25 Acts of Energy Conservation contest capturing the first prize acknowledgment and prize. 7Carla Beck, NDP MLA sent a congratulatory email to our school recognizing the outstanding job of our students and she also brought up the work of our students, staff, and community in the Legislature this week. The link to the Legislative video can be viewed here. Also, the Leader-Post wrote an article that captured the essence of the work of our Environmental Club under the wise tutelage of Mr. Norman. We are super proud of your project “We love our planet to the moon and back.”


  • Our school based Track Meet was scheduled for May 31st but due to inclement weather we were forced to reschedule to our rain day which is Wednesday, June 8th at Sheldon Williams. If you can volunteer to help with this event please contact the main office. The multi-school track meet which our students can qualify for will be held at Douglas Park on June 21st. In preparation for these events our students have been participating in the Sask Athletics program Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel. Many thanks to our School Community Council (SCC) for supporting this outstanding undertaking.
  • The Gator Green Sox softball team has been training and playing games in the Regina Public School league. They have represented themselves and our community super well and have shown great growth in the short time they have been practicing and playing. It is so great to see the number of students we have involved in this activity under the coaching of Mr. Lamb and Mr. Norman.

  • 4The annual Argyle Carnival was put on by our Grade 8’s to support their “Farewell” on May 18th. A great time was had by students, staff, and families of our school community. Thank you to all who came out and supported our soon to be former Gators.5
  • Many thanks to Mrs. Smith, our Kindergarten teacher, for her work in hosting future Gators in the Kindergarten Family Orientation as well as the Student Orientation as well. We want all of our community to know what a welcoming and great place this is to be!!!
  • “Cougars in School” is a program run by the University of Regina Cougars Women’s Soccer team that will be Argyle on June 13th. The program is geared towards elementary aged students and we are very excited to be one of only four RPS selected to pilot the program. Cougars Coach Bob Maltman and some of his athletes will be at the school working with our students and staff over the course of the day and we look forward to this. Once again, thanks to the SCC for the financial backing required to bring the program into our community.
  • Our SCC is a tremendous group of people with our school who do many things to support our students and staff. Their most recent undertaking was a Bottle Drop thatenviro club bottle drop ran on May 28th with the assistance of our Environmental Club. The group raised just less than $900 in a few short hours and we are super thankful for their ongoing work. If you are interested in checking out the group their next meeting is Monday, June 6th at 630pm in the library.

    Some Upcoming Events (check with your sons and daughters for classroom specific activities):

    • June 6 – SCC Meeting 630pm
    • June 8 – School Track Meet
    • June 13 – Cougs in School Soccer
    • June 15 – Softball @ ARCOLA
    • June 15 – Art Club Exhibition & Variety Night 530pm
    • June 16 – Grade 8 Farewell Afternoon
    • June 17 – No School – Staff Meeting and PD
  • Thanks for all of your support of the Gator community. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Go Gators!

May this month be Gator than the last!

It feels like every time I sit down to reflect upon where we have been and where we are going I find myself astonished at how many amazing things happen and the pace at which they occur. Our staff is truly awesome and manage this pace to create outstanding learning opportunities for our students every day and for that I am truly thankful.

Speaking of our staff, I would like to thank Ms. Denni Starr, an intern from FNUC, who recently completed her internship in Mrs. Kowalyshyn’s 10classroom. She truly brought much to her students and our staff and she will be missed. This is not the best photo (right) of the typically happy Ms. Starr so it makes me laugh that this is the photo I had on hand. We have added an Educational Assistant practicum student for the next six weeks to our community and we welcome Samha Badarpura.

We celebrated perhaps our most important staff member on April 27th Janeas Mrs. Rakochy was feted with gifts from staff and students alike in recognition for Administrative Assistant’s Day. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated co-worker and friend who makes our school such a special place.Thanks again Jane for all that you do!!!

The Environmental Club, under the guidance of Mr. Norman, have recently completed a project as part of a contest entitled, “25 Acts of Conservation.” This group has definitely gone global with this initiative as they connected the project to 31 different countries around the world. Take a look at this video to better understand the project and to hear about the successes they have achieved. 25 Acts of Conservation

Mrs. Paoli and her Art club have recently wrapped up the last leg of their learning journey and it has been very cool to see the many students involved grow in their talents. Thanks to Mrs. Paoli and her group for their time and efforts!
Art ClubWhile the calendar shows the school year winding down, it is far from over and we have many important undertakings to complete as a school and school community.

As our current students pursue finishing the year off well we look forward to welcoming our next class of Gators. Our Kindergarten class that will begin in the fall of 2016 will have two different transition opportunities to learn about what it means, and looks like, to be a part of this great Argyle community. Their will be a parent information session offered on May 18th from 4-5pm that will answer the many questions that go along with starting school. As a follow up, we will have an opportunity for our incoming Kinders to come in and spend an hour in our kindergarten room on May 25th from 1045-1145am. Please call the office for more details.

Our School Community Council (SCC) is awesome! As of Monday, this week, we know have 15 iPads in the hands of our primary learners. These were funded by our SCC who has once again made a huge contribution to our learning community. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! This group meets monthly and plans many different opportunities for our school and school community. Their support of our learning plans is second to none. Their next fundraising activity is a “bottle drop”  which will take place on May 28th from 9-11am. The intent of this undertaking is to support the Saskatchewan Athletics program, “Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel” that our grade 3-6 students are involved in and Clinics that our grade 7 and 8 are doing.

Our school track meet will undoubtedly be a more enjoyable experience for our students as a result of this programming. The track meet will be May 31st at Sheldon WIlliams Collegiate. A note went home seeking parent volunteers who are imperative to making this event happen. If you are able to help out please return the note to your child’s classroom teacher…if you need another copy of the note please call the office.

Our School calendar can be found on our website.

Thanks for your support of Argyle School! Argyle Logo_Website

Gators on the Go!

Greetings all and happy spring to you and yours. The weather looks like in the days ahead we will truly be experiencing the beauty of warmth and growth. Personally, I love spring and all that it brings and represents. There is still much learning and growth to happen in our school and we are all excited to see the formal finish of the learning journey we have all been on together.

Just a reminder that our supervision at the school begins at 8:37am and after school is at the bus only. Please be conscious of this as you plan for your son’s and daughter’s arrival and departure from school. Also, as weather gets warmer just a friendly reminder that full time lunchroom students are required to stay unless given permission to leave by parents/guardians. If it is easier, you can switch students to the casual list (meaning they don’t stay everyday once given your permission – this generally applies to our more senior students more). We want to work together for the safety and well-being of all of our students. One last note on spring safety and students riding bikes to school, please make sure your child securely locks their bike to the bike rack if they choose to bring it to school.

There are many recent highlights from the swamp (somehow seems appropriate as we are the Gators) that we want to share:
– Art Club/Art Exhibit – thanks to our students and staff who were involved in Art club and the exhibit that is being featured at the board office.

– Regina Symphony Orchestra and our grade 3/4 – 6 played together with 1500 other students. A follow up performance at Argyle was necessary so we could all enjoy the talent. We even had a guest conductor🙂 (see below)

– 25 Acts of Conservation – wraps up Monday and you should see the places this undertaking has gone! See our facebook page for the photo evidence…
Spartans in Training – Our grade 8’s spent a day partnered up with Sheldon-Williams students to help with the transition to high school and we are thankful to the staff and students over there for making us all feel so welcome.
– Battle of The Books – Congratulations to our numerous participants who battled it out for Gator supremacy and advanced to the inter-school level. Unfortunately, we came up a bit short but our teams did us all proud.

Upcoming Events:
– Cup Stacking Tournament – April 21st 4-7 at Sheldon-Williams
– Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel and Clinics from Sask Athletics start shortly and complete by early June
– School Track Meet – May 31st (rainout date – June 7th) at Sheldon- Williams
– Inter-school meet – June 21st at Douglas Park
– Softball team has begun try-outs with schedule to be announced shortly.
– No School – April 22nd – Professional Development

A special welcome to new staff member Mrs. C. Vogel who has joined us for the remainder of the year as an Educational Assistant.

That’s all for now…remember to check us out on our many electronic platforms.

School website

Go Gators!
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If March came in like a Gator this going out is all wet!!!

Argyle Logo_WebsiteWell, as always, here at Argyle things seem to go at a rapid pace. We are looking at spring break starting in a couple of days on Friday, March 25th with a return to school on Monday, April 4th. Based on the blast of white stuff that hit us this week March coming in like a Gator means it leaving with a gust – one last gust of winter we hope!

Today is Three-Way Conference Day and it is so encouraging to see so many families and students here celebrating successes and making plans for future success. I am so thankful for the way that this community desires for all of our students to achieve the best they can! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our hard working staff who day to day do all they can to meet the varied needs of our school and school community.

Last blog we talked about the “Turning Type One into Type None” JDRF fundraiser that was headed up by Mrs. Vonau and one of our grade one students, Lily. We are very excited to announce that the fundraiser raised over $1650 in a very small window of time – way to go Gators!

Some other cool things going on right now in, and around, the school include:
– Book Fair which runs until Thursday, April 24th (thank you to Mrs. Sanchuck for heading this up).
Gator Gear Order #2 which happens today (orders will be accepted until day’s end Thursday, March 24th).
– Preparation for “Battle of the Books” which is upcoming (thanks again to Mrs. Sanchuck for her work on this).
– Cup Stacking – practices have begun in readiness for tournaments ahead (thanks to. Mrs. Tsang and Ms. Powell for the work with our stackers).
– 25 Acts of Conservation event which is being run by our environment club under the steady hand of Mr. Norman…check out our school facebook page for details and photos.

Upcoming events at Argyle:
– March 25th-April 3rd Spring Break
– April 11th-14th RQHR dental screening at Argyle (details will be on the website)
– April 12th Grade 3/4-6 Perform with RSO at Connexus Arts Centre
– April 13th Spartan in Training Day for grade 8’s at Sheldon Williams Collegiate
– April 13th Cup Stacking Tournament at Sheldon Williams Collegiate

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts to share please feel free to drop an email, a call, or stop by.

Go Gators!


What if March comes in like a Gator?

ArgyleSchool-NoText-FullColourEven with an extra day we have leaped through February and are staring the last four months of the school year right in the eye. What if March comes in like a Gator? What does that look  like? I am sure we will find out…

February certainly brought with it many more awesomestaff appreciation week learning opportunities in, and around, our school and we are all continuing to learn and grow together. This month also included Staff Appreciation week and our School Community Council, and entire community, certainly made us feel appreciated with various daily treats and surprises for our staff. It is such a gift to have a community like ours and we, as a staff, really appreciate what you did for us. The photo at right is just one example of the ways that we were appreciated.

Another awesome event that happened in February was our school wide fundraiser entitled “Turn Type 1 into Type None”

1The event kicked off with a school wide launch where we learned many facts about diabetes and had an awesome presentation by some members of our Gator Community. Over the course of the fundraiser t-shirts, headbands, and buttons were sold with proceeds going to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). It was so encouraging to see our students get behind this worthwhile cause that impacts students within our own building and beyond. Special thanks to Ms. Vonau for driving this initiative and for all of the work that went into planning and actualizing this undertaking. Also, special thanks to our own Lily Michelle who designed the swag and her family for producing the gear that was sold.3

As a follow up, former Saskatchewan Roughrider John Chick did a safety presentation that
was sponsored by SGI to our student body. During his talk John also discussed diabetes and his experience living with the disease.  Our students were an awesome audience for our guest and were very excited to be visited by this CFL superstar.

A major event in schools across our country is Pink Day which is a day that is intended to eradicate bullying. We are very thankful to the Red Cross who support this program and provided a rally for our senior students to attend at the U of R as well as resources which enabled our entire school to meaningfully discuss this very important issue. Mrs. Benoit, Mrs. Leupold, and their team of RespectED students led us in an assembly and some terrific follow up activities in classrooms which will hopefully allow us to continue to learn and grow together in this important area.

As a child, I distinctly remember having Dr. Seuss books read to me and I still find great joy in the stories and the wonderful language they include. We celebrated “Dr. Seuss Day” this month with a school wide dress up day, many classroom activities, a themed photo booth, and a “Cat in the Hat” type guest who read to most of our classes. As the guest, I had a lot of fun with our students who seem to enjoy “Green Eggs and Ham” almost as much as I do.

Our Gator basketball teams’ seasons are quickly drawing to a close. It has been very cool to see our student athletes improving and having fun through morning skill development, team practices and games, our co-ed 3 on 3 Friday league, as well as the 43rd Annual Basketball Beat which our girls were fortunate to participate in. Special thanks to our 45 committed athletes who have made the season a pleasure for Mr. Norman and me.

A very proud moment for our school occurred during the Beat when our girls were recognized with the Sportsmanship Award. They represented our school, community, and themselves amazingly well and had a lot of fun doing it. Way to go Gators!!! In the picture below are some of the girls and Mr. Norman after the closing exercises of the tournament.
A reminder of some upcoming important dates:
– March 4th PM – Carnaval School Wide Event
– March 7th 630pm SCC Meeting in the school library
– March 10th PD Day for Staff – No school
– March 11th Teacher Convention – No School
– March 16th Transition Activities for Grade 7/8 at Sheldon Williams Collegiate
– March 17th Progress Report #2 Issued
– March 21-24th Book Fair
– March 23rd 3 Way Conferences
– March 23rd Gator Gear Orders/Payments will be taken during Conferences at School
– March 25th-April 3rd Spring Break

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts to share please feel free to drop an email, a call, or stop by.

Go Gators!

SCC End of February Update

ARGYLE School Community Council (SCC) Report – Feb 29, 2016 (submitted by vice-chair James Gates)

Teacher Appreciation Week was February 8th to 12th. Appreciation events were held throughout the week to give Argyle’s great teachers and staff a break and recognition for their hard work. There was something every day of the week: coffee and tea delivery for staff on Monday, a Booster Juice delivery on Tuesday, a potluck on Wednesday including volunteers covering lunchroom and playground supervision so the staff could take a break, a personalized poem and treats for teachers on Thursday, and a breakfast bar on Friday. Special thanks to the volunteers took time from their busy schedules to organize and deliver the appreciation events. Also, thanks to the teachers and staff at Argyle School for making it a great place for our kids to learn.

Books Before Bedtime (Family Reading Night) was on February 11th and was an opportunity for kids and parents to spend time at the school reading books and getting immersed in the school community. There were reading and word game stations, as well as an area that Mrs. Paoli prepared to showcase Argyle’s new dual-language book collection. Dual-language books are available to Argyle students whose first language is not English. Dual-language readers include Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Chinese, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Jamaican Patois, Punjabi, Somali Tagalog and Urdu, with English translations. They are available for students to check out and read at home. There is remarkable diversity at Argyle and the translated books are supported by SCC funds.

The gym is open for use by Argyle school students on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00. One of the February sessions saw more than 20 people using the gym. The open gym is fun for all ages of Argyle students. Check the school event calendar online to confirm gym times or other school events:

Our next SCC meeting is March 7th, 630pm in the school library.