March Is Nutrition Month

This March, in support of the Dietitians of Canada, Argyle School is encouraging its students, parents, and school community to eat well in celebration of Nutrition Month 2015.

There is an abundance of information one can find on the importance and benefits of a healthy diet incorporated with daily physical activity. In the school context, good nutritional practices have proven to have a positive impact on such things as cognitive ability, concentration, activity levels, behavior and overall academic performance. Working with our children at a young age to develop strong nutritional habits will not only show improvements in well-being in the short-term but will have an influence on their long-term health as well.

This month Argyle School will be providing its students, parents, and school community with information that can help in maintaining a focus on healthy eating with children and how to include some of these ideas into your child’s daily routine. Please visit the Argyle School website and view the links posted within the story March Is Nutrition Month to start integrating these ideas at home.

Mr. McKeown


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