Gators Get Involved in Run Jump Throw

Saskatchewan Athletics promotes the sport of Track and Field through the development and maintenance of effective programs for youth. As part of our mandate, we are pleased to introduce “Run, Jump, Throw” to your school. The “Run, Jump, Throw” initiative is a National educational program developed from the legacy of the World Track and Field Championships that were held in Edmonton in 2001. In Saskatchewan the program is entering its eleventh consecutive year of operation. This year, your school is one of only 10 “Run, Jump, Throw” schools in Saskatoon and Regina to receive the program.

“Run, Jump, Throw” is aimed at the development of basic skills that can be used not only as a foundation for Track and Field but for virtually all other land based sports. The program is progressive, beginning with fundamental movement patterns and culminating with more advanced skill development. The teachers and students at your school will have an excellent opportunity to learn these skills in a fun way.

The 7-week program will run from April 27 to June 12. During this time, there will be two nationally trained “Run, Jump, Throw” instructors assigned to your school. Your child will receive instruction in ten different track and field event areas. In their final class, they will have a fun play day to reinforce the skills they have learned throughout the program. Based on the overwhelming positive feedback the program has received in the past, I am confident that your child will find the program to be very fun, inclusive, and beneficial to developing physical literacy.


Sarah Junkin

Program Coordinator

Saskatchewan Athletics


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