How is it possibly the end of January?

It seems like every time I go to write a new post I find myself shocked at how much more time has passed and how quickly it has done so. Tomorrow marks the first day of February but you certainly would not know it by our current weather conditions. The relative warmth has been awesome for our students and staff as we have been able to be outside most days and run off some energy.

Last week, our SRC ran a spirit week from Monday to Thursday with different activities each day…Please see the photo mosaic below for some images of our Gators as part of the week!

In the last two weeks our basketball teams have begun their league schedule and we have more than 45 boys and girls in grades 7 and 8 representing our school on one of three teams. Many thanks to all of our Gators who have been coming out to regular practices as well as moning skill development sessions. Keep up the great work!

Classes have also been involved in some out of building learning experiences including: winter camping days, curling, swimming, and skating to name just a few. It is so cool to see our staff and students engaged in learning in, and out of the traditional classroom.

We have many events coming up in the next couple weeks and as always we want you to be in the know. Please watch our website, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, as well as this blog for details.

Some events you may want to be aware of:
– SCC monthly meeting, Feb. 1st, 630pm at Argyle Library
– Kindergarten Progress Reports Issued, Feb. 3rd
– Art Club begins again, Feb. 3rd
– SGI Safety Presentation featuring John Chick, Feb. 4th (two AM sessions)
– JDRF Fundraiser Launch, Feb. 8th, 1045am

As always, we love to hear from you so please do not hesitate to email, call, or stop by.

Go Gators!
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