SCC End of February Update

ARGYLE School Community Council (SCC) Report – Feb 29, 2016 (submitted by vice-chair James Gates)

Teacher Appreciation Week was February 8th to 12th. Appreciation events were held throughout the week to give Argyle’s great teachers and staff a break and recognition for their hard work. There was something every day of the week: coffee and tea delivery for staff on Monday, a Booster Juice delivery on Tuesday, a potluck on Wednesday including volunteers covering lunchroom and playground supervision so the staff could take a break, a personalized poem and treats for teachers on Thursday, and a breakfast bar on Friday. Special thanks to the volunteers took time from their busy schedules to organize and deliver the appreciation events. Also, thanks to the teachers and staff at Argyle School for making it a great place for our kids to learn.

Books Before Bedtime (Family Reading Night) was on February 11th and was an opportunity for kids and parents to spend time at the school reading books and getting immersed in the school community. There were reading and word game stations, as well as an area that Mrs. Paoli prepared to showcase Argyle’s new dual-language book collection. Dual-language books are available to Argyle students whose first language is not English. Dual-language readers include Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Chinese, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Jamaican Patois, Punjabi, Somali Tagalog and Urdu, with English translations. They are available for students to check out and read at home. There is remarkable diversity at Argyle and the translated books are supported by SCC funds.

The gym is open for use by Argyle school students on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00. One of the February sessions saw more than 20 people using the gym. The open gym is fun for all ages of Argyle students. Check the school event calendar online to confirm gym times or other school events:

Our next SCC meeting is March 7th, 630pm in the school library.


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