Gators on the Go…and Go…and more Go still!

As we enter week three at Argyle the tremendous excitement of back to school has transitioned to the joyous routines of life in this community. Students and staff alike are settling into classroom routines and procedures. The typical buzz of activity continues to engulf our school and I could not be happier for it.

There have been a few changes in staff here at the school with the addition of Ms. Brady (grade 3), Ms. Burns (grade 3/4), Mme. Desnoyers (Core French), Ms. Palmer (Arts Ed. – day 1), Mr. So (EA), and Ms. Abuan (EA). We are so fortunate to continue to add staff who love our students and this place. Argyle is truly a special school!

You may have had conversation with Gator students since school start up where they have been able to teach you some things about the brain and/or they have a knowledge of some controlled breathing techniques. These two things are just a small part of a school wide focus on mindfulness and the ways it can positively impact student success at school that we are in the beginnings of undertaking.

This explanation of some key parts of the brain by one of our grade 2 students is pretty impressive 🙂

We had more than 50 runners represent our school at the Cross Country meet on September 14th with more than 20 of those qualifying for the City Final Meet on September 28th. Thanks to Mrs. Scott, Mr. Norman, Mrs. Pominville, Ms. Burns, and Mrs. Luba for your assistance in supporting this event.

Our Volleyball teams kick off their regular season next week and we are excited to see the Gators take a chomp out of their competition.

Another huge highlight of back to school was the annual SCC Potluck and Meet the Teacher night that we hosted on September 15th. We had over 200 people in our building continuing to build community and to share a wonderful meal.


For all Gator events check out our school calendar located on the school website.

There are always a multitude of things going at Argyle so if you are looking for information please check out our internet presence  on twitter, facebook, this blog, and our school website. You are also always welcome to contact me and I would love to chat about all things Argyle.

You know that we are…and always will be…#GatorsOnTheGo


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