Together We Are Better!

Argyle Logo_WebsiteOver the last two weeks we have seen many evidences to support the adage that “together we are better.” Research on group dynamics and communities is very clear that when we work together there is not just addition of efforts but multiplication. This is often referred to as “synergy” where our efforts have more value when combined with those of others than they ever would on their own. That is a lot of words to say that Argyle has some serious synergy going on – this community rocks.

Near the end of September our #TeamKaleb campaign wrapped up with staggering results. In just over two weeks this community raised over $5000 dollars to help one of our own. Your combined efforts are amazing and I am so thankful for you all and our staff who pulled together to make this campaign such a huge success.

Once again Halloween was front and centre on the minds of many of our students and we saw some great spirit at our SCC driven Family Dance, in students dressed in costume at school on the 31st, and another “thrilling” dance performance under the leadership of Mrs. Flaten-Orr. Thanks to all who participated!

staffWe are really focusing on student safety in, and around, our school and would really value your help in this regard. We have a new crosswalk across Lakeview Avenue on the corner of Kings Road and this requires all drivers to be very aware of the crosswalk, but also, the no stopping areas in front of the school. Stopping in these areas creates safety hazards for students and I know we would all feel terrible if one of our students was ever harmed due to our carelessness or laziness. We really appreciate your support in this important area of concern.
img_2224As always, our students continue to work diligently at achieving to the best of each of their abilities. Please encourage our students to do all they can to improve and grow each and every day.

As I sit here typing this on November 4th, with my office window open, I am reminded again how fortunate we all are to be a part of this tremendous community. I keep looking out my window and listening to our students joyously playing and I am thankful for all of you and the role you play in making this place “Argyle Awesome!”

Some Important Upcoming Dates:

Nov 7 – SCC Meeting 630pm Library
Nov 9 – Remembrance Day Program 1045am
Nov 10 – PD/Staff Meeting – NO SCHOOL
Nov 18 – SCC Indoor Games Night
Nov 23-28 – Book Fair
Nov 23 – Social Media Workshop – details to follow
Nov 25 – Conference Day (24th also for Kindergartens)
Dec 2 – PD/Staff Meeting – NO SCHOOL
Dec 5 – SCC Meeting
Dec 7 – Winter Concert


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