We Remember and so much more!

In the last two weeks we have had many things happening here at the SWAMP (I’m going to see if this catches on – get it where Gators live – the swamp?).

As I type this our SCC is hosting a games night that has a great turnout and many smiling faces. Our SCC (school community council) is an amazing group of people from our community who are committed to helping make this an even better place and I am so thankful for their tireless work on our behalf.


The group meets monthly and welcome newcomers…more information is available on our website where they have a link that has a pile of information about the many endeavours they are a part of. Also on the site are their meeting minutes and strategic plan for the year and they can be found here. The SCC meets next on December 5th and they would love to see any new faces who have an interest in making Argyle even better!

On the 9th of November our students and staff put on a tremendous Remembrance Day Service that featured outstanding performances and tributes to the many people who have sacrificed to make this country great. Thanks to Mrs. Flaten-Orr, Mrs. Leupold and Ms. Mepham for their work in leading us in this regard. I have heard many comments about the respectful way all of our students carried themselves in that assembly and I am so very proud of our entire community for honouring this very important day in Canada and around the world.

Our Volleyball teams finished their seasons by winning both the girls and boys titles at the Perry Wrap-up Tournament. Way to go teams on a great year and thank you to Ms. Brady and Mr. Lamb for coaching our teams.

As a school and community we have spent a lot of time working on creating safe habits around our school on the playground and on our streets coming to, and from, school. Our SCC has been instrumental in getting a new crosswalk to assist in student safety and Cnst. Randall our SRO has been out and spoken to all of our classes about proper safety habits. We need your help to make this a safe place for all by creating and instilling safe habits as pedestrians and drivers around the school.

I know for some of you the focus has created an inconvenience as we may have been doing things a certain way for some time but it is essential that we keep all of our students safe by reprogramming old habits where necessary! I know our students know what we are after so please ask them if you have any questions or concerns.

As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by the school.
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