Welcome to Winter…

It has definitely been an abrupt welcome to the winter season with our weather…brrrrrrr! However, we have definitely had many things that have warmed us up here at Argyle!

Let’s start with a joke…what would the Keurig coffee drinking teacher call this photo?

“K Cups”
These are kindergarten students (we call them Ks) who warmed my heart with their performance at our Winter Concert entitled, “The Nutcracker and Other Gifts,” this past week.
Under the direction of Mrs. Flaten-Orr and her three P’s (Ms Paoli, Mrs. Pominville, and Ms. Palmer) this show rocked. Our students were amazing and had so much fun displaying their various gifts.

To keep us occupied during this first cold snap we have had students doing all kinds of hot things to pass the time during indoor recess and other periods during the day.

Many thanks to all of you who have been helping us with our safety practices on the streets around Argyle. We have definitely seen an increase in safe practices and this will definitely help keep our Gators more secure. With the snow now upon us, please remind your students to be even more aware of using crosswalks and watching for cars who might be dealing with slippery conditions. Also, please make sure students are dressed for the conditions as we want to be outside whenever possible.

As we heads towards the winter break, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the ongoing support you show our students and staff as we work towards growing each day. Also, thank you to the many of you that were able to make it out on conference day to highlight successes and formulate plans moving forward for all of our Gators! One of my hopes for all of our families is that there is regular communication with teachers if there are any concerns at all.

I would like to remind you of our various platforms to share information with you please check out our internet presence  on twitter, facebook, this blog, and our school website. You are also always welcome to contact me and I would love to chat about all things Argyle.

Our next School Community Council meeting will be January 9th, at Brewster’s South at 630pm. This is our one meeting a year where we also have a chance to socialize off site. Please contact argylescc@gmail.com for more information about upcoming SCC events and meeting information.

As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by the school.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

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