The Gators are a growling…and growing :)


Darth Gator

Much continues to happen around the Swamp and I for one am having a hard time keeping up! A million thanks to you, our community, for your support of our students and staff as we “Pursue success through the joy of learning!” We are so fortunate here to have such varied talents and abilities that combine to make this such a special place. Seeing students grow and develop in many aspects is such a gift for all of here at Argyle.


I am sure if you are a regular reader of this blog that you know how proud I am of this community, however, what I don’t think I can accurately describe for you is the quality of care and concern that is being put into the teaching and learning for our students by our amazing staff. Sometimes it’s just plain fun too…last week in Grade 3 Science we were learning about Friction while in Language Arts the topic was Fiction. Jack fused the two together to really show some learning with – “Fiction/Friction” 

IMG_2601In late February, our SCC once again treated the staff here to an amazing week of thanks during “Staff Appreciation Week” and we would like to publically thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Pictured here are a couple of staff members enjoying a refreshing treat that was amazing! Just one of many ways that our staff was truly appreciated and arguably SPOILED! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Another way that we are trying to tell “Our Story” is through the Argyle News that is being produced By Mr. Norman and his class. This new addition has been a pile of fun to view and put together for our students. This started as part of a pilot project using a software program but has definitely morphed into something far bigger. Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the most up to date stories. The most recent production can be viewed here.

IMG_6344Recently, we hosted with our SCC, “Books before Bedtime” in conjunction with a “book Swap.” There was roughly one hundred members of the Gator community out to participate in this literacy undertaking and to join in on some cookies, milk, and lots of reading. Many thanks to everyone involved with a special thanks to Mrs. Scott who drove this evening.

IMG_2599Another recent event was the 100th day of school. Many classrooms celebrated this milestone with fun events while Miss Brady’s room commemorated the day with this fun bulletin board featuring pictures of her 100 year old students.

Our Gator basketball teams have all been having super successful seasons with one of our girls teams recently participating in the prestigious Basketball Beat. The team competed super hard in every game and even one a game in the tournament for the first time in recent memory. The tournament is super competitive and features many of the top teams in the city. Our girls represented us well as always and we are super proud of them. Our other girls team and our boys team continue to be highly successful in their leagues with players having a pile of fun and showing steady improvement.

Hopefully you have seen the Cookie Fundraising sheet that came home as part of an SCC fundraiser. We know that this is not for everyone, however, we do appreciate the support if you can. Our SCC does so many things that support the programming in our school and much of the extra support is financial and allows us to do some things we might not otherwise be able to.

Once again the #25ActsofConservation contest is upon us and our Environmental Club is looking to win this contest for the third straight year, but more importantly, to continue to help make a positive contribution to energy conservation for our planet. Check out the launch video here as well as see our webpage for the details and pledge/tracking sheet.

We are very excited to be sharing with 700 Sheldon area students the documentary “Screenagers” to Regina for our senior students  on March 10th at Sheldon-Williams. The trailer of the video can be seen here:

<p><a href=”″>SCREENAGERS (Official Trailer)</a> from <a href=”″>Delaney Ruston</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A second showing is being offered on March 13th for the general public in the evening at 630pm again at Sheldon in the auditorium. We are very hopeful that families will take advantage of this resource to engage in conversation around this ever evolving issue for our society. Both showings will have a panel discussion afterwards including local  people with social media and technology focuses. Please link to our Facebook, Twitter, or webpage for more information. For questions please email me  or call the office 3067918536.

Gators and Crocs

  • Important Upcoming Dates:
    • March 10th/13th – “Screenagers”
    • March 16th – “Understanding the Teenage Brain” at Sheldon 700pm
    • March 16th – PD/Staff Meeting – No School
    • March 17th – Teacher’s Convention – No School
    • March 21-24 – Optimist Band Festival
    • March 23rd – Feeder BBall at SW
    • March 24th – Conferences #2
    • April 3rd – SCC Meeting



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