The Swamp is abuzz with action…

It won’t be long before the early spring image, on the left, turns into the picture of joy on the right! Spring is here and hopefully the weather that accompanies that will soon follow. In the meantime, our Gator back fields and parking lots truly resemble the swampy home of our team names – Go Gators!

Speaking of our teams, a huge congratulations to all of our Gator hoopsters. We had one boys team and two girls teams who improved mightily over the year and represented our school with class and sportsmanship. A huge thanks to our coaches Ms Brady, Mrs. Kowalyshyn, Mr. Norman, and community member Kelsey Stewart for their work with our student athletes.

There have been many other exciting things going on around the Swamp as well in the last couple weeks. A special thanks to Mme. Desnoyers and her team who produced a super fun Carnaval that our entire student body participated in. There was even a Bonhomme sighting as the King of the Winter Carnaval spent the day here at Argyle – he is the one in the middle if you are confused at all! bonhomme

In the first third of March we had two screenings of the film, “Screenagers,” where a combined 850 residents had the opportunity to view and discuss with a panel of local experts some of the many issues that continue to arise around screen time. Our greatest hope is that the ripple effect of the conversations will lead us all to greater understandings of our role in this important issue. Many thanks to our SCC for your work in bringing this film to our students and community. Your continued efforts on behalf of our community are to be commended!

In response to the video, a few of our senior students created a  video of their own regarding using a specific social media tool.

Also, since our last blog post the SCC organized a huge cookie sale that went super well! Delivery of the cookies will be on the afternoon of April 5th with specific pickup details to follow through classrooms. A huge thanks to Argyle parent Kelly Adams for his organization of the event. The funds generated will continue to allow the SCC to support events like “Screenagers,” the upcoming Sask Athletics Run Jump Throw Wheel Program in the spring, SGI Safety Days, and many other activities that make Argyle an even better place.

One of our school wide focuses this year has been on Mindfulness and developing tools to self regulate in various circumstances. It has been a cool beginning to this journey but I wanted to share a couple images from one of our classrooms that grabbed my attention last week:

IMG_2725You may have noticed some new hardware in front of the school in the last couple week. Thanks to our Trustee, Mr. Adam Hicks and ATS Traffic we have had a portable Radar Trailer on Lakeview Avenue to remind us all of our speeds in the school zone. This is part of another school focus on safety of our students and staff that we have been examining over the course of the school year.

We had one other safety group visit us in the last couple of week as a result of a combination of sensitive smoke alarms (which is a good thing) and some carpentry work being done in our building. I hope your Gators told you of our brief unplanned evacuation that included a visit from this truck  and crew 🙂IMG_2712

In light of the provincial budget that was recently released, our Director, Mr. Greg Enion, has released an information page that outlines some of the financial impacts for our division here in Regina. The specifics of the changes required will undoubtedly be coming in the weeks and months ahead. Please visit this link for more information:




Many thanks to Mrs. Sanchuck who has given a number of our students the opportunity to be a part of Genius Hour. The group recently completed some very cool interest based projects and shared them in the library.

Some Important Upcoming Dates:

  • April 3rd – SCC Meeting
  • April 5th – Battle of the Books 4pm at Hawrylak School
  • April 6th – Cup Stacking Tournament 4pm at Sheldon Williams School
  • April 8th – Grade 8 Farewell Photos
  • April 11th  Choir performs at Regina Music Festival
  • April 14th-21 No School

For more updates visit our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and our website.




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