We keep getting Gator and Gator (or greater and greater)

As we race through May it is evident in so many different ways how much Gator greater we are getting at things. Our Gators have been improving in so many ways…academically, socially, physically (especially when we look back at pictures from fall some of these kiddos have really sprouted), and in other areas. What makes me most proud is seeing the way students have taken on the idea of community and embraced it so that they understand how important it is to care for ourselves and each other. That is growth…

As always the swamp is a busy place! Last night our grade 8’s and their families hosted the Carnival in support of their Farewell and it was a terrific success as always. Over 100 of our families participated in a fun-filled event that was, as always, a blast and a community builder! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event and our Farewell for the grade 8’s!

Today while our grade 8’s visited Sheldon-Williams for their Spartans in Training morning our Grade 7’s demonstrated the future is bright here at Argyle. They took on cleanup duties from the Carnival, but, took it to another level as they walked and cleaned up our school yard and the alleys that surround the school from garbage. Not a fun task for sure, however, there was much fun had and many laughs as we filled a few garbage bags with unwanted trash.

Recently, some student art work from our Art Club students was featured in an Art Show launch at the division office. Great job to all of our students involved in the Art club! Special thanks to Ms. Paoli, Mrs. Flaten-Orr, and Ms. Lerat for your work with our aspiring artists.

With the great weather many of our classrooms have been enjoying our wonderful space outside to learn in an alternate location. Please make sure your Gators have sunscreen and bug spray in their bags if you think that it is necessary. We also have the Sask Athletics crew in doing clinics with our grade 7 and 8’s and doing a terrific program called “Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel” with our grades 3-6 classrooms. Other exciting events to look forward to include the return of the Cougars in School soccer program and a visit from the SGI Safety Squad.

We also have our Kindergarten Family Orientation tonight and a chance for new kindergarten students to visit the classroom space for a portion of the May 24th morning. Another exciting undertaking led by our School Community Council is the Argyle Work Bee hat will run the morning of May 27th in an effort to further beautify our outdoor space.
As always I want to encourage all of you to connect with our various digital profiles including this space, our Facebook Page, our Twitter Feed, and our website. As always, if you ever need anything please drop me an email at mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca or call the school office.

Some upcoming events for you to be aware of:

  1. May 12th – SGI Safety Presentation
  2. May 15th – Gr 3-6 RJTW – PM
  3. May 17th – Grade 7 Band Trip
  4. May 17th – Band Concert 930am
  5. May 17th – Gr 3-6 RJTW – PM
  6. May 17th – Gr 7/8 RJTW – PM
  7. May 18th – Cougars in School Soccer Day
  8. May 18th – Grade 2’s PM – RPS Showcase
  9. May 19th – PD/Staff Meeting No School
  10. May 22nd – No School
  11. May 24th – New Kindergarten Student Visit 1045-1130am
  12. May 24th – Gr 3-6 RJTW – PM
  13. May 24th – Gr 7/8 RJTW – PM
  14. May 26th – Gr 3-6 RJTW – PM
  15. May 27th – Argyle SCC Work Bee 9m-12pm
  16. May 29th – Gr 3-6 RJTW – PM
  17. May 29-30 – Grade 8 Band Trip
  18. May 31 – Gr 7/8 RJTW – PM

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