A fond farewell…

Argyle Logo_WebsiteAs the sun sets over the Swamp we bid a fond farewell to many students and staff who will be moving on to new experiences and adventures. I often talk about the importance of community and the amazing community we have here at Argyle. With the numerous changes we will experience in personnel this fall there is a real challenge to build a team that continues to reflect the values that this community holds dear.

We bid farewell to the following staff:
– Mr. Pare – EA
– Ms Palmer – Arts Ed
– Mrs. Flaten-Orr – Arts Ed
– Mrs. Huber – Core French/PE
– Ms. Paoli – EAL
– Mrs. Sanchuck – Teacher Librarian
– Ms Toporowski – Gr. 1/2
– Ms. Brady – Gr. 3
– Ms Burns – Gr. 3/4
– Mrs. Pominville – Gr. 4/5
– Mrs. Leupold – Gr. 5/6

A tremendous example of what an amazing community we have was demonstrated on our last day as we held our second annual, “Talent Show.” Many of our students bravely presented various talents for our entire school community to witness and appreciate. One of our very talented young men who was singing a beautiful song accompanied by a great friend stumbled upon his words – every performer’s worst nightmare I am sure – through the struggle our performer stopped and was upset. However, through the young man’s desire to do a great job and finish our student body, and the guests in attendance, gave him encouragement through applause when appropriate, silence when required, and vocal accompaniment through a few meaningful chorus’…not to mention a powerful standing ovation at the completion of  the song. For this Gator, and all of us, the phrase “One call away…”  perhaps hasn’t been as meaningful as it was right then!

What an amazing finish and picture of what I think community can, and should be: serving each other, building each other up, being together to support each other in the trials, and celebrate together in the victories! I don’t know that I have ever felt more proud to be a Gator…and that pride seemed to seep out of my eyes.

There are truly so many ways that this community builds into itself and the way Gator Park Daycare and our students so regularly interact is another awesome example. Below are a couple of images of Grade 2’s reading to some future Gators in the daycare.

Our Grade 8 Farewell is a culminating event each year that signifies a milestone in the lives of some of our students. Mr. Norman and Mr. Lamb once again did an amazing job of organizing an event that meaningfully showcased each of our finishing students. Thanks fellas!!! Also a big thank you to our parent volunteer team who decorated and worked behind the scenes to make this a memorable event for all.  Congrats to all of you Grade 8 Gators who move on to high school…it was said at Farewell, “Once a Gator, Always a Gator!”

A couple of reminders for startup in the fall: students return to classes on September 5th and class lists will be made available then; and if you would, please consider using School Start for purchasing your school supplies as it does benefit our school.
school start
I want to thank all of you who are a part of the Argyle Gator Community for your support of your students and our school. This is truly a wonderful place to be a part of and I am grateful to be a part of your team. If you have questions over the summer please know the office will be closed until August 28th, however, feel free to email me mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will not be on email every day but will be checking regularly.

Have a safe, restful, and relaxing summer…see you in the fall!

Remember, we are only “One Call Away!”



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