Welcome back to the Swamp!

Argyle logoHey Gators welcome back to the Swamp…it is an unbelievably exciting time for us here at Argyle as we ready ourselves for another amazing year. I believe this will be another year where we see the Gators take a chomp out of all we do.

We have a number of new additions to the Argyle staff and we are super excited about the work we have been doing together to ensure we are ready for each and every learner that enters our halls. We know that we have a tremendously unique community


with diversity in so many ways – we celebrate that and look forward to seeing every Gator find his or her own way this school year. This display is just one of many ways that we will proclaim this message and will welcome each person to our school as they enter from the north doors by the staff parking lot.

Speaking of new staff, we have a number of them and we are confident that they will be tremendous additions to our school community. All of our staff are excited for the return of our students tomorrow.

Clockwise from top left we have our primary staff, grade 3 and 3/4 teachers, our two grade 5/6 teachers, our specialists, and lastly our senior teachers. Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of our amazing educational assistants or facility caretakers who so admirably serve our students and staff. I am beyond grateful for the work that all of these folks do to make Argyle the special place that it is. You will notice a number of new faces this year on our staff and I would encourage you to stop by and meet new staff and stop by for our annual SCC Potluck and Meet the Teacher night on September 21st.

I would like to offer a special welcome to our new staff:
– Ms. D. Haig in grade 1/2
– Mrs. C. Bray in grade 3/4
– Ms. K. Yee in grade 4
– Ms. K. Evans in grade 5/6
– Mrs. R. Adema in Arts Ed.
– Mr. A. Stoffel in Arts Ed.
– Mrs. A. Hendrick who will be joining us in late October in Arts Ed.
– Mr. C. Parker in EAL
– Mr. F. Robinson in the Teacher Librarian Role

STEAM boat

Last week we did a lot of learning together and participated in a number of fun team-building activities including a “build a boat” contest that featured this feat of engineering mastery. We did a number of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities together which we all enjoyed and had a guest in who specializes in STEAM who shared a number of really cool activities.

Our opening morning will closely resemble last year with class lists posted on the east side of the building before school, all staff outside to help our Gators find their way when our opening bell goes, and a welcome back assembly later on in the morning.

Those of you who were with us last year will recall that we had a street safety focus for our community and we will continue that this year. Please click on this link to see a map that highlights some very important areas around our school.

Please click on this link for our 2017-2018 Communication Plan which includes a link to our new website (same address brand new format and look). I will be working to make sure that we get you all of the information you need to be in the know of all things Gator again this year!

As always please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns that I can help you with. Have a wonderful school year and as always Go Gators!






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