A season of thanks…

Well we joked about September flying by and its close friend October has also whistled

Argyle logopast…that wasn’t just the ever-present wind of late either.

As this month comes to a close we have much to celebrate here at Argyle and even more to be thankful for.  Our students, staff, and you  have once again rallied together to embrace the idea of community that makes this such a special place to be a part of.  Forgive me for repeating myself month after month, but, one of the most important things that happens in this place is that together we make this place important and invest in it together. We are all richer for this investment and I want to thank you for it; further, I want to encourage you to continue making Argyle a special place for everyone that has anything to do with it with your care and efforts.

Evidence of our collective investment in this community was demonstrated by Mr. Norman’s grade 7/8s who went out and raked yards of people on our surrounding streets and by Mr. Lamb’s 7/8s who ventured out into our substantial school yard and cleaned it of debris which had blown in.

Our SCC (School Community Council) recently held their Annual General Meeting in conjunction with their regular October meeting and our turnout was once again awesome. A huge thank you to this group who so tirelessly work to support this school and financially support so many undertakings that might not otherwise occur. Our newly elected SCC is composed of:
· Chair: Marlene Jackson
· Vice-Chair: James Gates
· Secretary: Lois Young-Hamel/Tara Boutin
· Treasurer: Aaron Dalziel
· Members At Large: Darren Weir, Marjory Zech, Angela Ahlquist, Marina Toews, Rob Reynar, Katie Hosford
· QSP Magazine Coordinator: Lois Young-Hamel
– Staff Liaisons – Lisa Kowalyshyn,Tricia Scott, Mick Panko
This group is always looking for more members to come to meetings or to volunteer at events. If you are interested please email argylescc@gmail.com for more information.

Speaking of our SCC, their annual Halloween Family Dance was a big hit as always and we had some spooktacular costumes on the dance floor in our gym last Friday night. It was great to see so many families out together having a wonderful time…we’d like to encourage everyone to attend next year’s event with your Gator in tow.  It is a great opportunity to have fun as a family in our community and with our community. Thank you to the SCC for organizing, hosting, and sponsoring the event.

The week of October 16th-20th we celebrated Education Week here at the Swamp. Our committee organized a number of events that worked with the the theme of, “Building our Future by Learning Together.” Our schedule had fun events every day that looked like this:
Education Week 2017 ScheduleThere were so many events that had students and staff engaged in fun learning experiences together and I would like to thank our school based team for doing a wonderful job planning the week. Also, a big thanks to those of you who came out Thursday of the week for “Math, Munchies, and More…” It is always fun to have a coffee with you and to see you and your little Gator engaged in learning together.

We were also fortunate to have had a visit from the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players to our concert hall in late October. While it may not be the nicest venue the group plays, it was a terrific show with a super attentive audience. Thank you to the RSO Chamber Players for the gift of music to our students…a special thanks to our guest performers Ms. Haig and Ms. Yee!

Congratulations to grade 7, Ashley Grice, on your victory in the city wide cross-country race! Thank you to all who participated and coached this year’s Gator squad…even out of the water you are some kind of fast!

Our Volleyball teams’ seasons are also nearing completion and I would like to thank the teams for their efforts and congratulate them on their improvement over the course of the season. It was a treat to see our students participating at the Sheldon-Williams associate school tournament and the way that they represented our school and community was one that I am very thankful for. Thanks to Mr. Lamb, Ms. Yee, and Ms. Wilson for your work with our two teams.
As always, I welcome your input, feedback, and thoughts. Please drop me an email at mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca, call our main office, or stop by and chat.

Also, a reminder to check out our other online platforms including our Facebook Page, our Twitter Feed, and our website.


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