On a cold day we can still have warm hearts…

Argyle logoLet’s begin with a confession, this blog post is not normal in that I usually only post once a month.  However, I felt compelled to share today due to the overwhelming sense of pride I am feeling about our students and staff.

This morning we had our annual Remembrance Day program and as usual it was well done. Mr. Stoffel and his team did a wonderful job of planning and executing an assembly that was respectful, thought provoking, and focused upon students and the things we/they can continue to learn today about what has been done for us to live in this place.

Alone, even this was enough to make me very proud of our students and staff who continue to learn and grow together. The thing that resonated even more greatly with me today, in a way that it never has before, was the sound of nearly 300 young voices, joined in one, singing “O Canada.” I have to admit I was a little glassy looking at our students, staff, and guests standing proudly singing with unified voice for our country. When I look at the diversity of background and experiences in our collective group, I am reminded that while we don’t have it all right as a country we are moving in the right direction…at least in this place and in this moment. There is much work to be done in this great land, but, we can start in our own backyard and move towards unity, respect, and understanding. We don’t have it all right but we are moving!

I was also moved today when I received a random text from a teacher on staff that simply said, “For the record I LOVE THESE KIDS!!!!!” It doesn’t matter who it was because the reality is all of our staff feel this for our students and it is evident in what goes on here each and every day.
IMG_3770I feel like collectively we are living this quotation out. It makes me very proud to be a Gator and a part of this wonderful community of teachers, students, and you!

A reminder that conference notifications should be arriving home. Please make every effort to connect with your Gator and his/her teacher so that we can celebrate successes together and make plans moving forward.

Thanks for all that each of you do to make Argyle a wonderful place that is moving in the right direction! We may not have it all right but we are moving in that direction and that is a win!

Tomorrow take some time to remember with your Gator!

inspiration image.jpg
Some important upcoming dates:
 November 22nd – Grade 5-8 Skating PM
 November 23rd – Kinder Conferences Day 1
 November 24th – School Wide Conferences
 November 29th – Grade 6 Curling
 December 1st – Staff Meeting/PD Day – No School


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