Welcome back and welcome to 2018!

IMG_0227“Well the weather outside is frightful…”

Oh wait that was supposed to be in our mid-December post, but I digress, we came back to a couple of days of mild weather (including rain) which has transitioned into multiple days in a row of frigid temperatures that have kept us inside for the entirety of our days.


Our school yard and surrounding area have been transformed into somewhat of a skating rink so we want to remind everyone to be extra careful in their coming and goings.

Thankfully a crew from the division office has been able to come out and sand large areas of the school yard, our parking lot, and surrounding areas. Add this to the diligent work of Mr. De la Cruz with our sidewalks and we are doing all we can to stay upright! I heard someone say the other day “we need to walk like penguins” and I like the picture of this. The very same day a student here at Argyle asked if penguins have knees? Think about it…

Things at school have started the calendar year off well otherwise and we are excited about the awesome learning opportunities that are upcoming. It has been cool to see the grade 7/8 classes creating games (including a French Escape Room) with Mme. Desnoyers and they certainly could help us during our indoor recesses.

It has also been special to be in some of our youngest classrooms and to see the huge steps of growth our students have taken since coming together in September. There is something heart-warming about seeing students learning and even more when they see it themselves. We are so thankful to get to see this “magic” happen regularly here at Argyle and it is definitely a highlight of being in education.

Looking back to right before the break I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. Norman, Mr. Lamb, and their classes for the outstanding job they did with Argyle Cardboard Arcade. The event provided some great entertainment for our school and community, but more importantly, gathered over 2500 items of clothing, 650 items of food, and over $200 donated and raised for the Salvation Army and the Regina Food Bank.

It was also cool to just see our school community rally together and enjoy many fun activities leading into the break (including our grade 2/3 classrooms delivering cards to our neighbourhood, school wide caroling, and the regular laughs that we share in the Swamp).

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome to our Gator team, Ms. Alicia Hendrick who is teaching in the area of Arts Education. We are really excited about having her and our students are going to definitely enjoy her passion and joy in their classrooms.

Our School Community Council has a meeting coming up on January 22nd for anyone interested in coming to check that out (the meeting this month is our one meeting a year offsite and will be at Roots – in Orange Tree) at 630pm.

The Regina Public School Board is also hosting a community engagement forum on January 30th at 7pm in the new Harbour Landing School if you are interested in checking that out.

Some other upcoming events here at Argyle:

  • Jan 26th – PD/Staff Meeting – No classes for students
  • Jan 30th – RPS Community Engagement Meeting (formerly AGM) 7pm @ Harbour Landing School
  • Feb 2nd – Term 1 Report Cards Issued.

As always, I welcome your input, feedback, and thoughts. Please drop me an email at mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca, call our main office, or stop by and chat.

Also, a reminder to check out our other online platforms including our Facebook Page, our Twitter Feed, and our website.



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