Putting Spring on hold with snow, snow, and more snow!

Our school yard has once again taken on the familiar color of winter! The last few weeks have been filled with piles of the white stuff re-accumulating to assist in the spring formation of our actual Swamp. With the dump of snow it has been cool to see this community once again pull together to help each other out in many ways…I guess pulling and pushing in some cases with the number of cars we had stuck in, and around our school!

We have done as much as we can to keep ourselves moving, learning, and growing here at Argyle since our last blog…

A huge highlight for me, personally, was seeing our Gators rally together to raise money for the Z99 Radiothon in support of the NICU. In six short days our school collected over $1600 for this great cause that has impacted a number of our students and my own son. “Changing Babies’ Lives,” was a huge success and I would like to thank you all for your donations and support. Part of our campaign involved shaving my beard and head if student met some preset targets. We more than surpassed them because of this awesome community and I am now feeling the effects of snow and wind in a new and refreshing way.

A special thanks to Rylee Boutin and Colton Ahlquist for their help in taking the money to the radiothon and being “on air.” Also, a huge thanks to our Gator Gusto Group for the work they did in promoting, collecting, and counting. Finally, a gigantic shout out to Lois Young-Hamel, a parent, SCC member, and hair stylist by trade for your time and the “trim.” What a team!!!

Some of our students’ art work is being showcased at the division office and I would like to be able to show you the pieces that were selected for display.

Ms. Wilson’s class were the fortunate recipients of a visit from Saskatchewan Roughrider, Chad Owens. “The Flying Hawaiian,” spent the morning with our grade 3/4 class playing some games in the gym, doing some work in class, racing a student up and down the hallway, answering a multitude of questions, and posing for a pile of photos. Mr. Owens was a huge hit with our students, and staff alike. A few of the photos can be seen below.

Today is our second three way conference date of the year and I was once again reminded how awesome it is to have the support of families for our Gators who are growing and learning each, and every, day. Here are a few photos from our day including our amazing primary teachers.

I count myself so thankful for the opportunity to work here with amazing students, staff, and you – our community!

A staff member captured this moment that I feel captures what I would like for every Gator!!!
IMG_0560As we enter our spring break at the end of next week I am reminded again how fast time flies by when you are having fun.

As always, I welcome your input, feedback, and thoughts. Please drop me an email at mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca, call our main office, or stop by and chat.

Also, a reminder to check out our other online platforms including our Facebook Page, our Twitter Feed, and our website.

Some important upcoming dates:

  • March 27th – Grade 8 Farewell Photos
  • March 30th – No School – Beginning of Spring Break
  • April 9th – Classes Resume after Spring Break
  • April 9th – Create 5/6 PM
  • April 10th – SA Team Meeting
  • April 12th – Kinders and Grade 1 to Museum
  • April 16th – Create 5/6 PM
  • April 16th – SCC Meeting
  • April 17th – Principal’s Meeting
  • April 20th – Pizza Hut Lunch (Healthy Hunger website)

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