May the 4th be with you and so much more…

IMG_0822It is unbelievable that we are approaching the last days of May. The force/4th was a strong one this year around the Swamp with none stronger than the indomitable Mr. Stoffel. The young Jedi Stoffel was quick to fall under the leadership of this old, wrinkled, green, Yoda Panko.


Ok, one of these photos was legit and the ears are legit on the other.
The last month was once again action packed and has set a course for our last month to finish off at warp speed as is always the case.

We have had many opportunities to see our Gators shine in the last month including on the stage with a number of band concerts and tours, at the Cup Stacking RBE championships, and even here in the Swamp as we hosted our annual Books Before Bedtime and Book Swap. Many thanks to our students, families and staff who have made all of these opportunities possible.

As mentioned previously, there are a number of things going on in the next month and we’d kindly ask you to note this document, our webpage where you can see a weekly at a glance, and our school calendar which can be found on the left side of the main page of the Argyle website as well.

Some Important Upcoming Dates:

May 22nd – Gr 3/4-6 RJTW – PM
May 22nd – Grade 6 Band Tour
May 23rd – Gr 7/8 RJTW – PM
May 23rd – Memorial Cup Grade 4-6 PM
May 23rd – Carnival 530-800pm (Everyone please try to come and support our Grade 8 farewell)
May 24th – Gr 3/4-6 RJTW – PM
May 24th – Year End Band Concert @ SW 630pm
May 29th – Kinder Parent Open House 4pm
May 30th – Gr 7/8 RJTW – PM
May 31st – New Kinder Student Visit 1045-1130am
May 31st – Booster Juice – Healthy Hunger Lunch
June 1st – Grade 4-8 Track Meet at Sheldon Williams ALL DAY
June 4th – SCC Meeting 630pm
June 5th – Track Meet Rain Day if necessary
June 5th – Ready @ Argyle Softball 4pm
June 14th – Cougs in School Soccer Grade 1-6
June 15th – Staff Meeting/PD – no School
June 19th – Multi-School Track Meet at Douglas Park for Qualifiers
June 21st – 1:30 – Grade 8 Farewell
June 22nd – DQ Healthy Hunger Lunch
June 22nd – SRO Visit 230pm – Football and Freezies in the park
June 27th – Grade 5-8 going to Evraz Park
June 28th – Last day for students.
June 28th – Report cards go home.  Dismissal at 2:30pm.

This is a list that will be added to as we go, but, at least gives you a place to start for planning purposes.

As always, I welcome your input, feedback, and thoughts. Please drop me an email at, call our main office, or stop by and chat.

Also, a reminder to check out our other online platforms including our Facebook Page, our Twitter Feed, and our website.


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