Back to School Gators, 2018-19

Welcome back to the Swamp!!

Mr. Panko, the principal of Argyle School for the past three years, has moved on to be the principal of Kitchener Community School. He was very sad to leave this amazing school; thankfully many of you had the opportunity to wish him well. I know that he will continue to be a great principal at Kitchener. Mr. Panko was a tremendous help to me as I prepared for my role as principal of Argyle.

I am very excited to be joining the Argyle staff. I have lived in this community for many years where my husband and I raised our two sons. I know firsthand what a wonderful community this is and the staff at Argyle is second to none. The entire Argyle staff is dedicated to your children’s’ ‘pursuit of success through the joy of learning.’

There are a few other changes in staff that deserve a warm welcome:

Morgan Herbison will be teaching grade 1

Renelle Simons will be teaching grade 2/3

Taylor Frei will be teaching in the Structured Learning Program

Dallas McPherson will be teaching E.A.L. (.3)

Michelle Tiloy will join our educational assistant team

We welcome two interns:

Anessa Eckert will be working with Mrs. Kowalyshyn and Mrs. Scott.

Taylor Gamtacy will be joining Mr. Norman.

On Wednesday, Aug 29 from 4:00 – 5:30 pm, students have the option of dropping off their backpack full of supplies.  Students will meet in the gymnasium and then they will be directed to their classroom where they can find their desk and meet their new teacher.

On Sept. 4, the first day of classes, our entire student body will meet in the gymnasium where I will introduce the staff. We will review the school motto, ‘pursuing success through the joy of learning’ as well as basic school expectations. Then our teachers will lead their students to class.

I look forward to working my hardest with the staff, students and the SCC to continue making Argyle School a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Feel free to contact me anytime via email at or stop by the school.

Kathy Black


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