Happy New Year Gators

Thank you to all of the families who attended our Christmas concert and to the SCC for providing us with treats afterwards. A special thanks goes out to Mr. Norman who organized and planned the concert.
As I welcome a new year, I reflect on my four months at Argyle School. My first reflection is that I have not kept up with this blog!
Every student is a little puzzle and figuring out theses puzzles is the best part of my job. I have not solved every puzzle, yet.
I love that Argyle School is truly a neighbourhood school reflecting the values and personality of the neighborhood. I love that Argyle School has a dedicated SCC that is welcoming and responsive to the community it serves.
I am so lucky to work with a fantastic staff who really cares about the school, as evidenced by the extensive extracurricular activities offered and the respect and dedication they demonstrate every day.
As we begin 2019, I will continue to learn about Argyle School and the school community. The staff will continue with our school strategic plan, the SCC will continue to support school activities, we will continue to focus on the Attendance Matters campaign and reading and math instruction will continue be top priorities.
I will also continue to ask questions:
Are we making the most of the school day for every student?
Are we using technology responsibly and effectively?
Do our students understand about the TRC Calls to Action?
Do our new families feel welcomed?
Does every student have opportunities to shine?
Do parents know where to find information about how their children are doing at school?

Happy New Year Gators
K. Black


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