Spring Break is upon us…

IMG_2816The Swamp has basically dried up and our Gators are ready for a much needed break, students and staff included. It was less than two weeks ago that I last posted but there has been a  number of events that our group has continued to excel and grow in.

IMG_2818Our choir under the direction of the wonderfully talented duo of Mrs. Leupold and Ms. Flaten-Orr were terrific in their performance at the Regina Music Festival. They received wonderful feedback from the adjudicator on the performance, but he also noted their openness to ways they could improve and he noted the group’s awesome behavior. Way to represent our school and community Choir!

Mrs. Sanchuck has continued to do some cool research projects with kids and they recently wrapped these up with presentations. It is so rewarding to see our students, learning, engaged, and having fun. Our entire staff wants this to be the norm and are working very hard to continue to make this a great place for every person who walks through the doors of Argyle School. Here are a few more photos to add to our last blog post.

Last week featured our students competing in the “Battle of the Books” and in Cup Stacking. It is always cool to see our students representing our school well in the various undertakings that are available. Thanks again to Mrs. Sanchuck for leading our crew in the “Battle of the Books” and to Ms. Powell and Ms. Toporowski for their leadership of our Cup Stackers. Below see a number of photos from each event.

On this last day before Spring Break, Ms. Lerat, an intern from the University, organized a Tipi Day for the school where each class got to learn from a guest professor from the University, Mr. Dustin Brass. Students got to erect the tipi and learn about the many different components that make it up. Thank you to Ms. Lerat and Mr. Brass for sharing this valuable experience with all of us.

Upon our return from Spring Break things will definitely fly by…May and June always do! Please continue to check this space, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and our website for information on what is going on in and around our school. As always, if you ever need anything please drop me an email at mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca or call the school office.

  1. May 1st – SCC Meeting 630pm
  2. May 2nd – Art Show Open House at Board Office 530pm
  3. May 3rd – Sask Athletics with Grade 7/8s PM
  4. May 3rd – Grade 5/6’s to Brown’s Coulee
  5. May 3rd pm –  PM Kinders to Science Centre
  6. May 4th am – AM Kinders to Science Centre
  7. May 10th – Grade 6 Band Trip
  8. May 10th – Sask Athletics with Grade 7/8s PM
  9. May 10th – RJTW Begins PM for grade 3-6
  10. May 10th – Carnival
  11. May 11th – New Kindergarten Open House
  12. May 12th – SGI Safety Day

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The Swamp is abuzz with action…

It won’t be long before the early spring image, on the left, turns into the picture of joy on the right! Spring is here and hopefully the weather that accompanies that will soon follow. In the meantime, our Gator back fields and parking lots truly resemble the swampy home of our team names – Go Gators!

Speaking of our teams, a huge congratulations to all of our Gator hoopsters. We had one boys team and two girls teams who improved mightily over the year and represented our school with class and sportsmanship. A huge thanks to our coaches Ms Brady, Mrs. Kowalyshyn, Mr. Norman, and community member Kelsey Stewart for their work with our student athletes.

There have been many other exciting things going on around the Swamp as well in the last couple weeks. A special thanks to Mme. Desnoyers and her team who produced a super fun Carnaval that our entire student body participated in. There was even a Bonhomme sighting as the King of the Winter Carnaval spent the day here at Argyle – he is the one in the middle if you are confused at all! bonhomme

In the first third of March we had two screenings of the film, “Screenagers,” where a combined 850 residents had the opportunity to view and discuss with a panel of local experts some of the many issues that continue to arise around screen time. Our greatest hope is that the ripple effect of the conversations will lead us all to greater understandings of our role in this important issue. Many thanks to our SCC for your work in bringing this film to our students and community. Your continued efforts on behalf of our community are to be commended!

In response to the video, a few of our senior students created a  video of their own regarding using a specific social media tool.

Also, since our last blog post the SCC organized a huge cookie sale that went super well! Delivery of the cookies will be on the afternoon of April 5th with specific pickup details to follow through classrooms. A huge thanks to Argyle parent Kelly Adams for his organization of the event. The funds generated will continue to allow the SCC to support events like “Screenagers,” the upcoming Sask Athletics Run Jump Throw Wheel Program in the spring, SGI Safety Days, and many other activities that make Argyle an even better place.

One of our school wide focuses this year has been on Mindfulness and developing tools to self regulate in various circumstances. It has been a cool beginning to this journey but I wanted to share a couple images from one of our classrooms that grabbed my attention last week:

IMG_2725You may have noticed some new hardware in front of the school in the last couple week. Thanks to our Trustee, Mr. Adam Hicks and ATS Traffic we have had a portable Radar Trailer on Lakeview Avenue to remind us all of our speeds in the school zone. This is part of another school focus on safety of our students and staff that we have been examining over the course of the school year.

We had one other safety group visit us in the last couple of week as a result of a combination of sensitive smoke alarms (which is a good thing) and some carpentry work being done in our building. I hope your Gators told you of our brief unplanned evacuation that included a visit from this truck  and crew 🙂IMG_2712

In light of the provincial budget that was recently released, our Director, Mr. Greg Enion, has released an information page that outlines some of the financial impacts for our division here in Regina. The specifics of the changes required will undoubtedly be coming in the weeks and months ahead. Please visit this link for more information: http://www.rbe.sk.ca/news/2017/03/provincial-budget-information-board-meeting




Many thanks to Mrs. Sanchuck who has given a number of our students the opportunity to be a part of Genius Hour. The group recently completed some very cool interest based projects and shared them in the library.

Some Important Upcoming Dates:

  • April 3rd – SCC Meeting
  • April 5th – Battle of the Books 4pm at Hawrylak School
  • April 6th – Cup Stacking Tournament 4pm at Sheldon Williams School
  • April 8th – Grade 8 Farewell Photos
  • April 11th  Choir performs at Regina Music Festival
  • April 14th-21 No School

For more updates visit our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and our website.



The Gators are a growling…and growing :)


Darth Gator

Much continues to happen around the Swamp and I for one am having a hard time keeping up! A million thanks to you, our community, for your support of our students and staff as we “Pursue success through the joy of learning!” We are so fortunate here to have such varied talents and abilities that combine to make this such a special place. Seeing students grow and develop in many aspects is such a gift for all of here at Argyle.


I am sure if you are a regular reader of this blog that you know how proud I am of this community, however, what I don’t think I can accurately describe for you is the quality of care and concern that is being put into the teaching and learning for our students by our amazing staff. Sometimes it’s just plain fun too…last week in Grade 3 Science we were learning about Friction while in Language Arts the topic was Fiction. Jack fused the two together to really show some learning with – “Fiction/Friction” 

IMG_2601In late February, our SCC once again treated the staff here to an amazing week of thanks during “Staff Appreciation Week” and we would like to publically thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Pictured here are a couple of staff members enjoying a refreshing treat that was amazing! Just one of many ways that our staff was truly appreciated and arguably SPOILED! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Another way that we are trying to tell “Our Story” is through the Argyle News that is being produced By Mr. Norman and his class. This new addition has been a pile of fun to view and put together for our students. This started as part of a pilot project using a software program but has definitely morphed into something far bigger. Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the most up to date stories. The most recent production can be viewed here.

IMG_6344Recently, we hosted with our SCC, “Books before Bedtime” in conjunction with a “book Swap.” There was roughly one hundred members of the Gator community out to participate in this literacy undertaking and to join in on some cookies, milk, and lots of reading. Many thanks to everyone involved with a special thanks to Mrs. Scott who drove this evening.

IMG_2599Another recent event was the 100th day of school. Many classrooms celebrated this milestone with fun events while Miss Brady’s room commemorated the day with this fun bulletin board featuring pictures of her 100 year old students.

Our Gator basketball teams have all been having super successful seasons with one of our girls teams recently participating in the prestigious Basketball Beat. The team competed super hard in every game and even one a game in the tournament for the first time in recent memory. The tournament is super competitive and features many of the top teams in the city. Our girls represented us well as always and we are super proud of them. Our other girls team and our boys team continue to be highly successful in their leagues with players having a pile of fun and showing steady improvement.

Hopefully you have seen the Cookie Fundraising sheet that came home as part of an SCC fundraiser. We know that this is not for everyone, however, we do appreciate the support if you can. Our SCC does so many things that support the programming in our school and much of the extra support is financial and allows us to do some things we might not otherwise be able to.

Once again the #25ActsofConservation contest is upon us and our Environmental Club is looking to win this contest for the third straight year, but more importantly, to continue to help make a positive contribution to energy conservation for our planet. Check out the launch video here as well as see our webpage for the details and pledge/tracking sheet.

We are very excited to be sharing with 700 Sheldon area students the documentary “Screenagers” to Regina for our senior students  on March 10th at Sheldon-Williams. The trailer of the video can be seen here:

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/145826333″>SCREENAGERS (Official Trailer)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user560514″>Delaney Ruston</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A second showing is being offered on March 13th for the general public in the evening at 630pm again at Sheldon in the auditorium. We are very hopeful that families will take advantage of this resource to engage in conversation around this ever evolving issue for our society. Both showings will have a panel discussion afterwards including local  people with social media and technology focuses. Please link to our Facebook, Twitter, or webpage for more information. For questions please email me mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca  or call the office 3067918536.

Gators and Crocs

  • Important Upcoming Dates:
    • March 10th/13th – “Screenagers”
    • March 16th – “Understanding the Teenage Brain” at Sheldon 700pm
    • March 16th – PD/Staff Meeting – No School
    • March 17th – Teacher’s Convention – No School
    • March 21-24 – Optimist Band Festival
    • March 23rd – Feeder BBall at SW
    • March 24th – Conferences #2
    • April 3rd – SCC Meeting


Welcome to February

Argyle Logo_WebsiteSo it has been a bit of a quiet time in the world of the Argyle blog and I apologize for the lack of updates. It is certainly not due to a lack of cool things happening in, and around, this great school!

I continue to be both amazed and encouraged by our students and staff  who so regularly do awesome work. The month of January brought some extreme temperatures that both froze our toes and warmed our hearts with below and above average temperatures that left many in a state of wonder. I can’t recall a +6 day in January in my short memory but we definitely enjoyed it. The extremes on the other end can be a challenge in a number of ways and I want to thank you for your support when the mercury drops as our students have been coming to school bundled up and ready to take on the weather. We’ve even started a Polar Bear Club that has braved the weather on some of those colder days!!!

Some of the buzz in our senior end these days is coming from the production room where video production has reached an all time high. The Argyle News seems to be replacing this blog in usefulness and views 🙂 The YouTube videos that are being produced using green screen technology and student creativity have been awesome. Here are a few examples of the awesome work that is being done…follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with the most up to date videos coming out:

– the newest news – Argyle News
– a super cool movie trailer for the book – “Where’s Waldo?”
– a thank you to the wonderful Mrs. Rakochy – THANKS

Our SCC continues to do amazing things and I am really excited about the efforts they have made to bring “Screenagers” to Regina for our senior students (and the Sheldon-Williams Associate Schools) on March 10th at Sheldon-Williams and a second showing on March 13th for the general public in the evening at 630pm again at Sheldon in the auditorium. screenagers-imageThe important issue of screen time and students is one that is prominently addressed in this informative documentary. Each screening will be followed by a panel discussion focused on the pertinent issues of the film. This film is a great follow up to the presentation they also supported before the winter break on online safety. Give me a call if you are looking for more information.

Many exciting opportunities for students continue with our basketball teams (3) all having started their seasons, our GGG (Gator Gusto Group) providing many fun activities including the just completed Spirit Week, and many other fun things to come. I’d encourage each of our students to find ways to engage in this awesome place!

The last thing I would like to do is to formally welcome some new staff:
– Ms. Toporowski to our staff, she has been with us since the winter break and will be through to year’s end teaching in the grade 1/2 room. Please feel free to stop by and meet “Ms. T” anytime – he is doing a wonderful job with her Gators!
– Ms. Lerat is an intern from the U of R working in Mrs. Pominville’s room and we are glad to have her working with our students and staff.
– We are also very fortunate to have numerous other pre-service teachers from the U of R working with us in various capacities on a less often occurrence.

As always, if you want to chat drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by and see me. Give our website a visit and check out other ways you can connect to Argyle as well including via twitter and facebook. With all of these visoes we are working on having a school youtube channel that you can follow as well!

Thank you for making this a great place to work and learn!






Welcome to Winter…

It has definitely been an abrupt welcome to the winter season with our weather…brrrrrrr! However, we have definitely had many things that have warmed us up here at Argyle!

Let’s start with a joke…what would the Keurig coffee drinking teacher call this photo?

“K Cups”
These are kindergarten students (we call them Ks) who warmed my heart with their performance at our Winter Concert entitled, “The Nutcracker and Other Gifts,” this past week.
Under the direction of Mrs. Flaten-Orr and her three P’s (Ms Paoli, Mrs. Pominville, and Ms. Palmer) this show rocked. Our students were amazing and had so much fun displaying their various gifts.

To keep us occupied during this first cold snap we have had students doing all kinds of hot things to pass the time during indoor recess and other periods during the day.

Many thanks to all of you who have been helping us with our safety practices on the streets around Argyle. We have definitely seen an increase in safe practices and this will definitely help keep our Gators more secure. With the snow now upon us, please remind your students to be even more aware of using crosswalks and watching for cars who might be dealing with slippery conditions. Also, please make sure students are dressed for the conditions as we want to be outside whenever possible.

As we heads towards the winter break, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the ongoing support you show our students and staff as we work towards growing each day. Also, thank you to the many of you that were able to make it out on conference day to highlight successes and formulate plans moving forward for all of our Gators! One of my hopes for all of our families is that there is regular communication with teachers if there are any concerns at all.

I would like to remind you of our various platforms to share information with you please check out our internet presence  on twitter, facebook, this blog, and our school website. You are also always welcome to contact me and I would love to chat about all things Argyle.

Our next School Community Council meeting will be January 9th, at Brewster’s South at 630pm. This is our one meeting a year where we also have a chance to socialize off site. Please contact argylescc@gmail.com for more information about upcoming SCC events and meeting information.

As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by the school.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

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We Remember and so much more!

In the last two weeks we have had many things happening here at the SWAMP (I’m going to see if this catches on – get it where Gators live – the swamp?).

As I type this our SCC is hosting a games night that has a great turnout and many smiling faces. Our SCC (school community council) is an amazing group of people from our community who are committed to helping make this an even better place and I am so thankful for their tireless work on our behalf.


The group meets monthly and welcome newcomers…more information is available on our website where they have a link that has a pile of information about the many endeavours they are a part of. Also on the site are their meeting minutes and strategic plan for the year and they can be found here. The SCC meets next on December 5th and they would love to see any new faces who have an interest in making Argyle even better!

On the 9th of November our students and staff put on a tremendous Remembrance Day Service that featured outstanding performances and tributes to the many people who have sacrificed to make this country great. Thanks to Mrs. Flaten-Orr, Mrs. Leupold and Ms. Mepham for their work in leading us in this regard. I have heard many comments about the respectful way all of our students carried themselves in that assembly and I am so very proud of our entire community for honouring this very important day in Canada and around the world.

Our Volleyball teams finished their seasons by winning both the girls and boys titles at the Perry Wrap-up Tournament. Way to go teams on a great year and thank you to Ms. Brady and Mr. Lamb for coaching our teams.

As a school and community we have spent a lot of time working on creating safe habits around our school on the playground and on our streets coming to, and from, school. Our SCC has been instrumental in getting a new crosswalk to assist in student safety and Cnst. Randall our SRO has been out and spoken to all of our classes about proper safety habits. We need your help to make this a safe place for all by creating and instilling safe habits as pedestrians and drivers around the school.

I know for some of you the focus has created an inconvenience as we may have been doing things a certain way for some time but it is essential that we keep all of our students safe by reprogramming old habits where necessary! I know our students know what we are after so please ask them if you have any questions or concerns.

As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by the school.
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