Welcome to February

Argyle Logo_WebsiteSo it has been a bit of a quiet time in the world of the Argyle blog and I apologize for the lack of updates. It is certainly not due to a lack of cool things happening in, and around, this great school!

I continue to be both amazed and encouraged by our students and staff  who so regularly do awesome work. The month of January brought some extreme temperatures that both froze our toes and warmed our hearts with below and above average temperatures that left many in a state of wonder. I can’t recall a +6 day in January in my short memory but we definitely enjoyed it. The extremes on the other end can be a challenge in a number of ways and I want to thank you for your support when the mercury drops as our students have been coming to school bundled up and ready to take on the weather. We’ve even started a Polar Bear Club that has braved the weather on some of those colder days!!!

Some of the buzz in our senior end these days is coming from the production room where video production has reached an all time high. The Argyle News seems to be replacing this blog in usefulness and views 🙂 The YouTube videos that are being produced using green screen technology and student creativity have been awesome. Here are a few examples of the awesome work that is being done…follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with the most up to date videos coming out:

– the newest news – Argyle News
– a super cool movie trailer for the book – “Where’s Waldo?”
– a thank you to the wonderful Mrs. Rakochy – THANKS

Our SCC continues to do amazing things and I am really excited about the efforts they have made to bring “Screenagers” to Regina for our senior students (and the Sheldon-Williams Associate Schools) on March 10th at Sheldon-Williams and a second showing on March 13th for the general public in the evening at 630pm again at Sheldon in the auditorium. screenagers-imageThe important issue of screen time and students is one that is prominently addressed in this informative documentary. Each screening will be followed by a panel discussion focused on the pertinent issues of the film. This film is a great follow up to the presentation they also supported before the winter break on online safety. Give me a call if you are looking for more information.

Many exciting opportunities for students continue with our basketball teams (3) all having started their seasons, our GGG (Gator Gusto Group) providing many fun activities including the just completed Spirit Week, and many other fun things to come. I’d encourage each of our students to find ways to engage in this awesome place!

The last thing I would like to do is to formally welcome some new staff:
– Ms. Toporowski to our staff, she has been with us since the winter break and will be through to year’s end teaching in the grade 1/2 room. Please feel free to stop by and meet “Ms. T” anytime – he is doing a wonderful job with her Gators!
– Ms. Lerat is an intern from the U of R working in Mrs. Pominville’s room and we are glad to have her working with our students and staff.
– We are also very fortunate to have numerous other pre-service teachers from the U of R working with us in various capacities on a less often occurrence.

As always, if you want to chat drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by and see me. Give our website a visit and check out other ways you can connect to Argyle as well including via twitter and facebook. With all of these visoes we are working on having a school youtube channel that you can follow as well!

Thank you for making this a great place to work and learn!







Welcome to Winter…

It has definitely been an abrupt welcome to the winter season with our weather…brrrrrrr! However, we have definitely had many things that have warmed us up here at Argyle!

Let’s start with a joke…what would the Keurig coffee drinking teacher call this photo?

“K Cups”
These are kindergarten students (we call them Ks) who warmed my heart with their performance at our Winter Concert entitled, “The Nutcracker and Other Gifts,” this past week.
Under the direction of Mrs. Flaten-Orr and her three P’s (Ms Paoli, Mrs. Pominville, and Ms. Palmer) this show rocked. Our students were amazing and had so much fun displaying their various gifts.

To keep us occupied during this first cold snap we have had students doing all kinds of hot things to pass the time during indoor recess and other periods during the day.

Many thanks to all of you who have been helping us with our safety practices on the streets around Argyle. We have definitely seen an increase in safe practices and this will definitely help keep our Gators more secure. With the snow now upon us, please remind your students to be even more aware of using crosswalks and watching for cars who might be dealing with slippery conditions. Also, please make sure students are dressed for the conditions as we want to be outside whenever possible.

As we heads towards the winter break, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the ongoing support you show our students and staff as we work towards growing each day. Also, thank you to the many of you that were able to make it out on conference day to highlight successes and formulate plans moving forward for all of our Gators! One of my hopes for all of our families is that there is regular communication with teachers if there are any concerns at all.

I would like to remind you of our various platforms to share information with you please check out our internet presence  on twitter, facebook, this blog, and our school website. You are also always welcome to contact me and I would love to chat about all things Argyle.

Our next School Community Council meeting will be January 9th, at Brewster’s South at 630pm. This is our one meeting a year where we also have a chance to socialize off site. Please contact argylescc@gmail.com for more information about upcoming SCC events and meeting information.

As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by the school.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

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We Remember and so much more!

In the last two weeks we have had many things happening here at the SWAMP (I’m going to see if this catches on – get it where Gators live – the swamp?).

As I type this our SCC is hosting a games night that has a great turnout and many smiling faces. Our SCC (school community council) is an amazing group of people from our community who are committed to helping make this an even better place and I am so thankful for their tireless work on our behalf.


The group meets monthly and welcome newcomers…more information is available on our website where they have a link that has a pile of information about the many endeavours they are a part of. Also on the site are their meeting minutes and strategic plan for the year and they can be found here. The SCC meets next on December 5th and they would love to see any new faces who have an interest in making Argyle even better!

On the 9th of November our students and staff put on a tremendous Remembrance Day Service that featured outstanding performances and tributes to the many people who have sacrificed to make this country great. Thanks to Mrs. Flaten-Orr, Mrs. Leupold and Ms. Mepham for their work in leading us in this regard. I have heard many comments about the respectful way all of our students carried themselves in that assembly and I am so very proud of our entire community for honouring this very important day in Canada and around the world.

Our Volleyball teams finished their seasons by winning both the girls and boys titles at the Perry Wrap-up Tournament. Way to go teams on a great year and thank you to Ms. Brady and Mr. Lamb for coaching our teams.

As a school and community we have spent a lot of time working on creating safe habits around our school on the playground and on our streets coming to, and from, school. Our SCC has been instrumental in getting a new crosswalk to assist in student safety and Cnst. Randall our SRO has been out and spoken to all of our classes about proper safety habits. We need your help to make this a safe place for all by creating and instilling safe habits as pedestrians and drivers around the school.

I know for some of you the focus has created an inconvenience as we may have been doing things a certain way for some time but it is essential that we keep all of our students safe by reprogramming old habits where necessary! I know our students know what we are after so please ask them if you have any questions or concerns.

As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns drop me an email, give me a call, or stop by the school.
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Together We Are Better!

Argyle Logo_WebsiteOver the last two weeks we have seen many evidences to support the adage that “together we are better.” Research on group dynamics and communities is very clear that when we work together there is not just addition of efforts but multiplication. This is often referred to as “synergy” where our efforts have more value when combined with those of others than they ever would on their own. That is a lot of words to say that Argyle has some serious synergy going on – this community rocks.

Near the end of September our #TeamKaleb campaign wrapped up with staggering results. In just over two weeks this community raised over $5000 dollars to help one of our own. Your combined efforts are amazing and I am so thankful for you all and our staff who pulled together to make this campaign such a huge success.

Once again Halloween was front and centre on the minds of many of our students and we saw some great spirit at our SCC driven Family Dance, in students dressed in costume at school on the 31st, and another “thrilling” dance performance under the leadership of Mrs. Flaten-Orr. Thanks to all who participated!

staffWe are really focusing on student safety in, and around, our school and would really value your help in this regard. We have a new crosswalk across Lakeview Avenue on the corner of Kings Road and this requires all drivers to be very aware of the crosswalk, but also, the no stopping areas in front of the school. Stopping in these areas creates safety hazards for students and I know we would all feel terrible if one of our students was ever harmed due to our carelessness or laziness. We really appreciate your support in this important area of concern.
img_2224As always, our students continue to work diligently at achieving to the best of each of their abilities. Please encourage our students to do all they can to improve and grow each and every day.

As I sit here typing this on November 4th, with my office window open, I am reminded again how fortunate we all are to be a part of this tremendous community. I keep looking out my window and listening to our students joyously playing and I am thankful for all of you and the role you play in making this place “Argyle Awesome!”

Some Important Upcoming Dates:

Nov 7 – SCC Meeting 630pm Library
Nov 9 – Remembrance Day Program 1045am
Nov 10 – PD/Staff Meeting – NO SCHOOL
Nov 18 – SCC Indoor Games Night
Nov 23-28 – Book Fair
Nov 23 – Social Media Workshop – details to follow
Nov 25 – Conference Day (24th also for Kindergartens)
Dec 2 – PD/Staff Meeting – NO SCHOOL
Dec 5 – SCC Meeting
Dec 7 – Winter Concert

What does it mean to be a community?

Argyle Logo_WebsiteWhat does it mean to be a community?

Well one thing it means is admitting when you mess up – it’s been a month since the last blog and that’s a mess up on my part…so my sincerest apologies Gator Community. I want to keep you in the loop as to what is going on at the “swamp” (that’s where Gators live right?) and to do that, we need more frequent communication. It’s been very busy around here which makes it hard to find time to blog – and yet, gives us so much to write about!!!

The end of September saw the launch of our school wide QSP Magazine Sale put on by our SCC (School Community Council). The magazine sale is the SCC biggest fundraiser and has enabled them to do, and support, many cool things going on around our school. Above, you can see Jeff (of “Wow Mom” fame in the jersey) in the photo from our launch on the left. In the photo to the right is SCC secretary and QSP chair, Lois Young-Hamel clowning around with yours truly during the presentation to our entire student body. The sale is technically over, however, you can visit our school website to get a link to the sale still.

Also, at the end of September the Gators raised money for and participated in the annual Terry Fox Run. Combined efforts with Gator Park daycare and our students helped raise just shy of $850 dollars for the Terry Fox foundation. We had a great day for the walk, even if we had to reschedule – many students pointed out that Terry wouldn’t have rescheduled and wanted to spend some time in the rain 🙂 proving once again Gators love the water.

Pictured in the photos on the right above are a couple of shots of Mr. Norman’s class who did a very cool trip near Avonlea as part of an Outdoor Education experience at the Badlands.

Orange Shirt Day was celebrated on September 30th and is a day that recognizes the legacy of harm caused by Residential Schools. As a school community, we are committed to working towards the reconciliation called for by Justice Murray Sinclair in the TRC Report, specifically, call to action #63 aimed at educators. This is reflected in our school LIP and a learning journey we, as a staff, are undergoing together.

Part of our Learning Journey involved our staff viewing the “RIIS from Amnesia” documentary with the director and producer of the film on our last PD day. RIIS is about the historic Regina Indian Industrial School and its current context.


This past summer, one of our soon to be grade three students was diagnosed with leukemia. As a school community we have undertaken a #TeamKaleb campaign that began October 12th and that ends on the 28th to raise support for Kaleb and his family. In true Argyle fashion the campaign has been going awesome with students, staff, and community joining in to raise funds for this Gator family. In the photos below you can see some of the things that have gone on in the last two weeks. These include the “We are #TeamKaleb” Wall, Bracelet sales, and a movie night for our community. We look forward to being able to present our support to the family when our campaign closes.

Last week, was Education Week and we were so happy to have a number of events that supported the theme of “Celebrating Today. Preparing for Tomorrow.”

As part of the week, we presented our class of 2025 (that’s the Kinders) with Class shirts that, at least fashion wise, welcomed them to our community!

One day was a dress up day entitled, “Dress as your future self and we had some great fun with that.img_2147

Our last event was the return of “Books, Bagels, and Belonging” on Friday morning which saw a great turnout of students and families to read and have some breakfast together!

img_2156 For those of you who drive by Argyle regularly you may have noticed a change that has been in the works for a while. We now have a crosswalk that goes across Lakeview avenue from the corner of Kings Rd.. Please be conscious of our students as they use this new safety feature that our SCC has been pushing for for the last couple of years. Many thanks to our SCC for their ongoing efforts on behalf of our students and community.

You all know that this is a special place and I want to thank you all for what you do make this a community and for continually teaching us all what it looks like to be a part of the wonderful community that is Argyle.

At the end of the rainbow is our own little pot of gold 🙂


Gators on the Go…and Go…and more Go still!

As we enter week three at Argyle the tremendous excitement of back to school has transitioned to the joyous routines of life in this community. Students and staff alike are settling into classroom routines and procedures. The typical buzz of activity continues to engulf our school and I could not be happier for it.

There have been a few changes in staff here at the school with the addition of Ms. Brady (grade 3), Ms. Burns (grade 3/4), Mme. Desnoyers (Core French), Ms. Palmer (Arts Ed. – day 1), Mr. So (EA), and Ms. Abuan (EA). We are so fortunate to continue to add staff who love our students and this place. Argyle is truly a special school!

You may have had conversation with Gator students since school start up where they have been able to teach you some things about the brain and/or they have a knowledge of some controlled breathing techniques. These two things are just a small part of a school wide focus on mindfulness and the ways it can positively impact student success at school that we are in the beginnings of undertaking.

This explanation of some key parts of the brain by one of our grade 2 students is pretty impressive 🙂

We had more than 50 runners represent our school at the Cross Country meet on September 14th with more than 20 of those qualifying for the City Final Meet on September 28th. Thanks to Mrs. Scott, Mr. Norman, Mrs. Pominville, Ms. Burns, and Mrs. Luba for your assistance in supporting this event.

Our Volleyball teams kick off their regular season next week and we are excited to see the Gators take a chomp out of their competition.

Another huge highlight of back to school was the annual SCC Potluck and Meet the Teacher night that we hosted on September 15th. We had over 200 people in our building continuing to build community and to share a wonderful meal.


For all Gator events check out our school calendar located on the school website.

There are always a multitude of things going at Argyle so if you are looking for information please check out our internet presence  on twitter, facebook, this blog, and our school website. You are also always welcome to contact me and I would love to chat about all things Argyle.

You know that we are…and always will be…#GatorsOnTheGo