2016…oh the possibilities!

It is truly an exciting time in the Argyle Gator community and our students and staff recognize the infinite possibilities that lay in front of us as we begin a new calendar year. We are now over 80 days into the school year and time continues to fly by for staff and students.

Many events and activities are underway at the school and promise to make this a great start back to school following what I hope was a wonderful winter break for all.

We have had a few new students and families join us already since the break and we hope that they very quickly become a part of, and get involved with, our Gator school community. One wonderful way to get involved for all families is our School Community Council (SCC) who recently met for our monthly meeting and made plans for some upcoming awesome events and supports for students and staff. Some events you can look forward to from our SCC include:
– Family Gym Days, Sunday’s from 1-3pm at Argyle School (see website for more information).
– Staff Appreciation Week Activities the week of Feb. 8-12
– A reading evening with a potential date of Feb. 11th (more details to follow)

Further to those events our division wide RPS Annual General Meeting will be hosted at Martin Collegiate on January 26th at 7pm.

Argyle Logo_WebsiteMany of our students are proudly wearing the latest “Gator Gear” that was delivered right after the break. If you missed the chance to order the first time around another order will be going in in March on three way conference day…some of the same products will be available and some additions will be made as well.

With the colder weather that has come upon us I would like to remind you to have our students dressed appropriately to be outside for recess. I was always taught that “sanity over vanity” was the way to dress for winter in Saskatchewan and I was reminded of that with a couple days where I, too, have been underdressed at recess. This is even more important when we consider some of our classes which are involved in out of school activities such as: swimming lessons, curling, skating, and outdoor education experiences

We are trying very hard to use technology to effectively communicate and I would like to encourage all of you to check out our website, facebook page, and twitter feed for announcements and pertinent Gator information.As always feel free to email, call, or stop by the school to chat.

Go Gators!


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