Spring Break is upon us…

IMG_2816The Swamp has basically dried up and our Gators are ready for a much needed break, students and staff included. It was less than two weeks ago that I last posted but there has been a  number of events that our group has continued to excel and grow in.

IMG_2818Our choir under the direction of the wonderfully talented duo of Mrs. Leupold and Ms. Flaten-Orr were terrific in their performance at the Regina Music Festival. They received wonderful feedback from the adjudicator on the performance, but he also noted their openness to ways they could improve and he noted the group’s awesome behavior. Way to represent our school and community Choir!

Mrs. Sanchuck has continued to do some cool research projects with kids and they recently wrapped these up with presentations. It is so rewarding to see our students, learning, engaged, and having fun. Our entire staff wants this to be the norm and are working very hard to continue to make this a great place for every person who walks through the doors of Argyle School. Here are a few more photos to add to our last blog post.

Last week featured our students competing in the “Battle of the Books” and in Cup Stacking. It is always cool to see our students representing our school well in the various undertakings that are available. Thanks again to Mrs. Sanchuck for leading our crew in the “Battle of the Books” and to Ms. Powell and Ms. Toporowski for their leadership of our Cup Stackers. Below see a number of photos from each event.

On this last day before Spring Break, Ms. Lerat, an intern from the University, organized a Tipi Day for the school where each class got to learn from a guest professor from the University, Mr. Dustin Brass. Students got to erect the tipi and learn about the many different components that make it up. Thank you to Ms. Lerat and Mr. Brass for sharing this valuable experience with all of us.

Upon our return from Spring Break things will definitely fly by…May and June always do! Please continue to check this space, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and our website for information on what is going on in and around our school. As always, if you ever need anything please drop me an email at mick.panko@rbe.sk.ca or call the school office.

  1. May 1st – SCC Meeting 630pm
  2. May 2nd – Art Show Open House at Board Office 530pm
  3. May 3rd – Sask Athletics with Grade 7/8s PM
  4. May 3rd – Grade 5/6’s to Brown’s Coulee
  5. May 3rd pm –  PM Kinders to Science Centre
  6. May 4th am – AM Kinders to Science Centre
  7. May 10th – Grade 6 Band Trip
  8. May 10th – Sask Athletics with Grade 7/8s PM
  9. May 10th – RJTW Begins PM for grade 3-6
  10. May 10th – Carnival
  11. May 11th – New Kindergarten Open House
  12. May 12th – SGI Safety Day

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